Which friend are you?

In friend groups we all have a certain friend known for a specific thing. Whether it’s a talent, A personality trait, a hobby, or something else. Everyone has that friend that does that thing. What are you known for?

For example, I am known as the comedic friend. It’s my coping mechanism but it’s also something I really enjoy. I love getting a laugh out of people and making them feel better even in the worst of times. I am also known for making chaotic neutral decisions. Like one time I shaved all my hair off and dyed my hair pink, one time I bought a keyboard and took keyboard lessons, one time I started a podcast and a page to go along with it and now it’s grown into a bread.

But I’m also known as the friend that you could come to to help with your problems but I will not coddle you. I am not a friend that you could come to and I am NOT going to NOT say I told you so because at the end of the day most of the time I told you so. I do not mind helping friends out who have made a mistake because we all do but I feel like some of my friends put themselves in situations that were easily avoidable that I told them not to put themselves in. I am a realist as much as I am a dreamer. Also, I’m a Capricorn so maybe that’s why.