I just think its funny how

so you know how a guy may purposely not talk to a girl before Valentine’s Day so he doesn’t have to get you anything? There is a guy that I’ve talked to before and we clicked but it just never really went anywhere. I purposely said that if someone tries to talk to me right after Valentine’s Day I would not talk to them because I feel like they waited until after Valentine’s Day so they wouldn’t have to get me anything. So this same guy decides to talk to me like five days before Valentine’s Day out of nowhere! And he knew that it would be way too early for me to expect something but he also knew not to be so obvious that he would wait until after Valentine’s Day to try and rekindle things with me. This isn’t a post looking for advice, this is just me thinking out loud. He thinks he’s so slick but I’m cutting him off.

TLDR: A guy I’ve been and and off with thought he was slick and decided to RANDOMLY rekindle things a few days before Vday so he wouldn’t have to get me anything. Because if he would’ve rekindled things yesterday - he knew I’d be onto him. But im still onto him. It’s not happening captain. Bring on the new boys!