How To Cope With A Breakup, From Someone Who Just Got Dumped

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How To Cope With A Breakup, From Someone Who Just Got Dumped

In a world where dating is hard, breakups can be even harder. Believe me, I'm going through it. Back in October, I met a great guy on Hinge, and by Thanksgiving he was asking me to be his girlfriend. He was fun, cute, and even cooked for me... I thought he was perfect. Little did I know that three days before Christmas I would receive a short novel from him via text about why the relationship wasn't working out, and that he was breaking up with me. (Long story short: he suddenly decided he wasn't ready to make a commitment and wanted to let me go so that he didn't waste my time. He apologized, told me how "amazing" I was, and that was that.)

I felt hurt and extremely embarrassed that he did this over text message (is he a tween? come on) and that it happened right before the holidays. I was truly dreading having family members ask "so how is that new boyfriend of yours?" and having to explain to them that he just broke my heart. Somehow that seemed even worse than the usual "when are you going to get married?" remarks that I was used to.

While I was sad that the relationship was over, I knew I needed to cope. Deep down, we all want to spend days in our pajamas, not showering, and eating pizza while watching rom-coms but I found some healthier ways to manage my heartbreak. So if you're also going through a break up and need some help coping, look no further.

What I imagined I looked like reading the break up text.
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