How Far Is Too Far When Internet Stalking Before A First Date?

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How Far Is Too Far When Internet Stalking Before A First Date?

Personally, I would've gone with a more eggshell paint in the living room than the grey they chose, considering the baseboards, I thought to myself while scanning through the photos on the 2019 Zillow listing of an upcoming first date's childhood home. The family sold the house to downsize, I assume, and moved just a few neighborhoods over. Less square footage — but who needs all those bedrooms when your three kids have all moved out of state (to Portland, San Diego, and New York). Mom and Dad must be lonely 😔

Googling someone before a date is normal. We've all turned on that LinkedIn "private browser" feature so our dates can't see who viewed their profile — it's common practice. But, is it OK to take it a step further?

If you find out that he's a "Marketing Analyst" at some company, then you ...

  • Go over to Glassdoor to look up how much a Marketing Analyst at that company makes, then you ...
  • Cross-reference that with the apartment you see he rents on ZabaSearch, and then you ...
  • Realize he's living well beyond his means. Unless there is family money, which...
  • Is how you ended up on his family's Zillow listing in the first place.
  • Also, while you've got his address, why not swing by voting records to see how he's registered? Hey! If it's available online!

Is that too much? Asking for a friend.

Or are you simply just being cautious before meeting a stranger in a bar? I mean, I guess "stranger" is a relative term.

What I want to know is: How far is too far when looking into someone you've never met before? And why, despite me doing this to them, would I be so creeped out if someone did the same to me?

Hit the coral chat bubble to weigh in – really wanna know your thoughts!

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