Here Are The Most Frequent DMs I Get About Dating, And My Responses

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Here Are The Most Frequent DMs I Get About Dating, And My Responses

A couple of years ago when I started my Instagram account @blocked_by_jax (well, now @blocked_by_jaxx thanks to a deactivation-forced rebrand), it was a page for Bravo memes. As my following grew, I began posting more about my personal life and the shit show that dating has been. I was shocked by how many messages I would get daily from people who are also trying to navigate the wild world of dating, or even from married followers who just enjoyed the content.

Whenever I post about a new guy in my life or recap a date from the night before, I get an overwhelming amount of messages with questions about dating, especially as someone in their early 30s. Instead of answering them back one by one I thought it would be a fun Valentine's Day treat to take your questions and answer them here.

You guys ask about everything from ghosting to first date sex, and I am thrilled to share my wisdom with you.

What steps do you take to feel safe when meeting new guys? – @yellow.lets.mellow

I love this question because I feel like it's something that is not addressed enough but is EXTREMELY important.

I go on a lot of dates and I know that the most important part of each one is making sure that I feel safe and comfortable. There was even a time where I was re-watching Criminal Minds and was terrified to date for a few months because of all the fucked up scenarios I was conjuring up in my head. The most important thing about dating someone new is GOING WITH YOUR GUT. If you're getting a strange vibe from your date or they're making you uncomfortable, trust your intuition because it's most likely right. I don't care how cute they are or if they spend their free time volunteering at an animal shelter, if someone is giving you any kind of feeling that you're not safe it's time to bolt.

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