New Survivor meets Big Brother competition show casting notice

I hope this is the right audience for this, since we all seem to be into reality tv.

I have a delusional belief that I could play Survivor if it weren't for the physical challenges. Which are a HUGE part of the competition. I could go 39 days on just rice or water or whatever, I definitely have the social game. I don't even care about sleeping on the hard ground of the rainforest. but when it comes to running through sand then having to climb something and then swim through water then solve a puzzle (OK i'd be good at that), that's where you lose me.

I follow this casting director on Instagram who just posted that they're casting for a show called Million Dollar Island. It sounds a lot like Survivor — this is for NBC — except it sounds more like Survivor meets Big Brother in that social game is key.

Things the casting call asks for...

1) Can you make friends with anyone? (Check)

2) Could you survive in nature without the comforts of home? (Check)

3) Are you ready for the ultimate social game play? (Born ready!)

They're looking for applicants 18-80+ for this "social experiment" (BELIEVE IN SCIENCE!) to compete on this show that will film on a tropical island.

Here's the ad.... would you ever apply?