Who's The Most Reasonably Shady On 'RHOP'?

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Who's The Most Reasonably Shady On 'RHOP'?

Sunday's episode saw the Real Housewives of Potomac dealing with the fallout from their getaway to Williamsburg, husbandger issues, and mothering woes, but that doesn't mean the pent up shade didn't finally come out. We’re forever grateful that though the women were busy with their own lives, they still reserved some time to act out. Which is why we will rank them on the reasonably shady scale, from Reasonably Shady to Candiace, Are You Evil?

“I don’t expect them to understand my reaction, because they’ve never experienced a love that you and I have, and they never will.” - Wendy

Talking to her husband, Eddie, about Ashley, Gizelle, and Robyn’s reactions to her heated response to their bringing up Eddie’s cheating rumors, Wendy makes it clear that these women will never have a love like hers. While a bold statement, it’s very subjective. Of course she thinks she’s the most in love of the bunch, Gizelle is single, Robyn’s engaged to her ex-husband, and Ashley is cursed with Michael Darby. So, maybe she does have a point.

Verdict: Reasonably Shady

“I’m not shocked that Gizelle and Jamal aren’t together, I never saw them together…” - Robyn

Whew, child! To say this of your BFF and fellow green-eyed bandit is purely callous. Especially considering Robyn and Gizelle were both dating their ex-husbands at the same time. Plus, this is in reaction to conversations they were having on their Reasonably Shady podcast where cheating was discussed, and this was never brought up. Robyn saved this hot take for a confessional. Probably for the best, though, as Gizelle’s wrath would have made for a very awkward recording session.

Verdict: Shady

“The interior of the space is perfect.” - Mia

Sometimes, what’s not said is the loudest insult possible. Here, Mia chatted with Wendy during a wedding dress fitting for Karen at her vow renewal venue. And Mia has a point. While the inside was decked out in crystals and white decor, the outside looked like a concrete slab of sadness. No lies were detected, so therefore...

Verdict: Reasonably Shady.

“You brought your wide-bodied ass down to Williamsburg.” - Candiace

Here, we have Candiace speaking to new mother Ashley, in regards to her actions in Williamsburg when she was just there for a day to essentially stir up drama. But that’s neither here nor there, as Candiace in this moment, body shames a woman who is mere weeks postpartum,, and this is after she calls her a hoe but before she continues to comment on the size of Ashley’s body and forehead. It’s downright cruel. So...

Verdict: Candiace are you evil?

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