When Did Gizelle & Jamal Bryant Break Up For Good, Exactly?

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When Did Gizelle & Jamal Bryant Break Up For Good, Exactly?

As it says in the Bible, “What’s done in the dark will eventually come to light,” and while we can't be 100% certain, it's pretty clear the line was written exclusively in anticipation of the relationship between Gizelle Bryant and Pastor Jamal Bryant.

Journeying back to last season of Real Housewives of Potomac, we were re-introduced to Gizelle’s ex-husband Jamal, as the two began engaging in a brand new courtship that shocked the nation, or at the very least the DMV and Atlanta areas. Even their children, Grace, Angel and Adore, frowned upon the couple, essentially citing their father’s past misgivings (which we’ll get into) as reason enough to cease and desist.

And they weren’t the only ones with reservations. During last season’s epic reunion, former Housewife Monique Samuelson came strapped with a binder full of supposed evidence that Gizelle’s most precious Jamal, the pastor, was cheating on her with at least one woman. And, at this time, Gizelle all but denied the rumors.

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Cut to Sunday night’s episode when Gizelle admitted that she knew Jamal cheated on her because they talked about “everything” in their relationship... and, hmm. How much did she really know? Back to last year’s reunion, Monique presented the group with text messages between Jamal and a woman she alleged was his “real girlfriend.”

At this time, Gizelle said little, but did confirm that the number did belong to Jamal. Jamal himself denied these rumors when he took to Instagram Live, claiming the woman he was texting was simply upset that she didn’t get a job working with Jamal at his church. He also vowed never to appear on the show ever again due to the character assassination he felt came his way. But, there’s only so much assassinating one can do when you’re a known cheater.

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