The Evolution Of 'RHOP's Confessional Looks

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The Evolution Of 'RHOP's Confessional Looks

We all know about the Bravo Sophomore Season Glow-Up: When cast members, Katie Maloney and her orange Vanderpump Rules hair aside, decide to evolve themselves sartorially, and, uh, facially after seeing themselves on screen for one full season. (Of course, they will never evolve morally, and we appreciate them for that.)

Image: Clueless (HBO)

So now that we are six seasons into one of the best shows on television, Real Housewives of Potomac, now is as good a time as ever to channel our inner Michael Kors and Nina Garcias and evaluate just how well our favorite ladies have evolved their confessional looks since their first season. Which ones have joined the ranks of Jennifer Aydin, and who is still stuck in a slump (cough, cough, Gizelle)?

Let's take a lewk.

Wendy Osefo

Season 5: 9/10

Season 6: 11/10

Wendy truly is a unicorn. After all, she joined RHOP during Season 5 already polished and ready to show off both her beauty and brains. And as a historian of The Real Housewives, I can assure you this is not easy to do.

When you first join Housewives, you think you know what looks good on camera. But maybe you hire the wrong hair and make-up team. You think. But then you are RHONY's Leah.

But Wendy's confessional looks have never missed. What would Dr. Wendy be giving us her second season. In a word... everything. She talks openly about her new boobs, Happy & Ness, and mentioned her BBL on Twitter. But she also seems... happy. And that's really the most beautiful thing, isn't it? Cheers to Dr. Wendy!

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