Should We Demote Robyn Dixon?

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Should We Demote Robyn Dixon?

Immediately upon meeting Robyn Dixon on The Real Housewives of Potomac, we knew that her life was an utter wreck. Her marriage had fallen apart due to infidelity and finances, and despite this, she still lived with and slept with her ex-husband. (These are things that a Housewife will usually only admit after one too many rounds of Bottoms Up, and certainly never early on in her tenure.) But Robyn was open and remained true to herself — and her messy life — for years on Potomac. However, six seasons in, it might be time to bid Robyn farewell.

While I am not ready to say goodbye forever to Robyn, I wonder if she would fit better into a friend-of role for the time being. There's a lot we ask of our Housewives but also a lot we require of them, and in this moment in time, I'm not sure either request is being fulfilled. So should we nix the Dix completely, or is there a place for her in a demoted role?

Her Friendship With Gizelle Is Limiting Her...

I used to be the biggest Green-Eyed Bandits' stan. I loved how Robyn and Gizelle were both unapologetic instigators, while also being the ones who spoke up and told the truth in situations where we needed it the most.

However, Robyn's willingness to agree with everything that Gizelle says and does is holding her back. I understand wanting to stick up for your best friend, but there comes a point in every authentic friendship in which you must (and should want to) call your best friend out on her bullshit. Every BFF Housewives duo should have a voice of reason; Rinna had Eileen, Kenya had Kandi, and Bethenny had Carole. Robyn could've easily fit into that role, but instead comes across as Gizelle's puppet, which never makes for great TV.

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