Here's How You All Feel Going Into 'RHOP' Season 6

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Here's How You All Feel Going Into 'RHOP' Season 6

This might sound dramatic, but during this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Bravo played a trailer for Real Housewives of Potomac featuring a Nicki Minaj song... I cried. I had legit tears in my eyes. Why you ask?

Because Bravo is finally promoting our girls, my number ones. They are everything to me, and I am just so happy to see that the network sees their power. They've had four flawless seasons (I do not count Season 1 , tbh) and that is more than RHOBH can say, or even RHOA. Potomac just delivers.

I can't wait until the premiere Sunday, July 11th... but before the premiere, I had to see where you all stand with our favorite ladies.

Are You Excited To See Juan and Robyn Dixon Post Engagement?

Bravo: Image

Yes: 72% (19,623 votes)

No: 28% (7,444 votes)

Where I stand: I am very interested to see what the hell the Dixon's will be giving us this season. This is their second engagement to each other, but will they go bigger than they did last time? Will they move out of that townhouse? I just am super curious to see what happens.

Do You Want Karen And Candiace To Make Up?

Image: Bravo

Yes: 53% (14,376 votes)

No: 47% (12,737 votes)

Where I Stand: I neeeeed these two to make up, ASAP. They make me laugh like no other when they are together, and like Andy Cohen said at the reunion, "you can tell there is a lot of love there." Candee gal looks to Karen as a pseudo mother-figure, which is kind of problematic, but I do hope we can get back to that sooner rather than later. I do think, though, that if Wendy and Karen have problems, it will make it hard for Candiace and Karen to move forward.

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