'RHOP' Recap: A Lot Of Hate At The Love Lunch

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'RHOP' Recap: A Lot Of Hate At The Love Lunch

Starting right where we left off last week, it’s Wendy’s Nude Interlude and Gizelle’s “firey, hot box” is being discussed at length by Karen. To add fuel to the hot box fire, Karen also calls Gizelle a general liar and inexplicably mentions Sing Sing without context, leaving the table of housewives more shocked than when Mia announced she had her clit done before the first course.

During her public dragging of Gizelle, Karen makes sure to note that the West Wing’s occupant is the “first lady from hell,” concluding that she first began having issues with Gizelle four years ago when she essentially wished death on Karen’s husband, Ray, after he told Gizelle her looks would fade so she should lock a man down ASAP. All this was just the preamble, though, before Karen set her sights on Robyn and her relationship with Juan. Karen, high on the delight of her upcoming vow renewal, tells Robyn that she and Ray may walk down the aisle (again) before Robyn and Juan walk down the aisle (again).

Unclear as to why she’s now La Dame’s latest victim, Robyn stares in disbelief as Karen tells cameras that Robyn and Juan need to get married or pack it up. Once done, Karen gives space for Wendy to wrap up the night and finally admits to having her buttocks done in addition to her fronttocks, aka her new boobs, Happy and Ness. With that said, Wendy passes out her nipple cupcakes and instructs the group to first lick then bite the edible nipple. They oblige.

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