Ranking The 'RHOP' Men From Terrible To Marry Me

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Ranking The 'RHOP' Men From Terrible To Marry Me

This week on the Real Housewives of Potomac, the ladies were embroiled in conflict surrounding Wendy Osefo’s “substance” after her breast augmentation, and rumblings of her husband’s infidelity reached the women’s ears. It’s one thing to come for someone else’s man when your own relationship is rock solid, but it’s another when the men you have (or don’t have… Gizelle) aren't so great themselves.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the men of Potomac to see who reigns supreme. Starting from worst to best.


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For a twist, I’ve tossed newest housewife Mia Thornton’s husband, G, at the bottom of the list because in this group you’re guilty until proven innocent and since we know nothing about him, he's sus.


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What to say about someone who is perhaps the spawn of the devil. In a rare move this season, Michael has not yet stepped out on his wife, which still puts him in second to last place because what we won’t do is reward someone for doing exactly what they’re supposed to. So, while we haven’t seen strippers, boyfriends, booty grabs or infidelities from him this season, we have seen…well, him. Which is just not ideal no matter the circumstance. Plus, in comparison to the other men on this program, he seems to have his heart in it the least, making his few on screen appearances less than exciting.

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