Ranking The 'RHOP' Couples By Their Latent Toxicity

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Ranking The 'RHOP' Couples By Their Latent Toxicity

On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Potomac we were treated to the beginning of a weekend getaway to Chesapeake Bay where the women and their husband’s were guests of Wendy. As she mentioned last week, this couple’s getaway was a chance for the women and their men to connect with one another. She also mentioned that Gizelle, the only single lady of the bunch, could use her luggage as her other half.

Needless to say, Gizelle opted out of the trip. Her Reasonably Shady co-host and BFF Robyn also opted out, citing Wendy’s hatred of her as her reason why. What’s fascinating about the trip, though, is it’s apparently the first true couples trip Potomac has seen, at least according to Wendy’s Twitter.

We’ve had a taste of these couples together when Karen hosted her Love Lunch earlier in the season, here we learned that Mia and her much older husband, G, met at a strip club. But, aside from that, this couples trip and tastes of the couples we’ve had throughout the season, lead us to this moment: Which of the RHOP couples need the most counseling?


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Now, Askale is merely a friend of so we haven’t seen any of her home life, but we did get a first glimpse of her husband Dre when they arrived at the house (that can fit all of the women under one roof, okay?).

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