On 'Housewives,' Is It Fair Game To Talk Sh*t About The Families?

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On 'Housewives,' Is It Fair Game To Talk Sh*t About The Families?

Still trapped in the Chesapeake, the Real Housewives of Potomac feed off of last week’s drama in order to fill our souls to the brim with entertainment. This week, however, a question lingered amidst the cast: how far is too far when it comes to going after a Housewives family? It’s a particularly important and interesting question when you consider the fact that most of the women are on this trip with their husband’s. However, it’s not the men in these women’s families that dominated the conversation, it was their mothers.

The drama started weeks ago when Candiace made continuous jabs at Mia’s mother who is a recovering, formerly jailed, addict, trying to find her way back into Mia’s life. Candiace called Mia’s mother “low budget,” which sent into motion a series of unfortunate events including a salad fight, where the women tossed salad at one another, and a tearful apology on a boat.

Candiace did own up to crossing the line by bringing up Mia’s mother after hearing her story, but should that be the only time or reason to stray away from insulting a Housewife’s family?

If you’ll remember, this season started with Karen and Gizelle feuding over comments Gizelle made years ago about how her looks would last longer than Ray’s life. This caused the two women to be against one another for the majority of the season, especially considering that Karen told Gizelle that her kids, though adults, were negatively affected by her words, and wanted an apology from Gizelle to her family.

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