Gizelle's Friendship History With Karen, Robyn, And Wendy, Explained

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Gizelle's Friendship History With Karen, Robyn, And Wendy, Explained

On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, friendships were tested. We opened the episode with the ongoing fight between Gizelle and Karen, (which remains unresolved), we journeyed through the hour with Gizelle coming for Wendy’s plastic surgery neck, and we rounded out the episode with Gizelle questioning Robyn’s relationship as she battles what is likely depression.

Through all of this, there seems to be one common denominator: Gizelle.

It’s almost as though she came to Williamsburg, VA to antagonize these women and remain hush hush about her own personal life. So, what are the chances of Gizelle repairing these friendships she’s dead set on breaking? Let’s find out.


Known as the Green-eyed bandits, Robyn and Gizelle’s friendship predates the premiere of RHOP by six years ago. They’ve been friends for over a decade, and typically roll together when it comes to calling out a cast mate or even starting their own podcast, Reasonably Shady. However, being BFF and business partners doesn’t make Robyn immune to Gizelle’s wrath.

At dinner on this week’s episode, Robyn opened up to the group about her struggles getting out of bed each day and being productive. She also opened up about the fact that her ex-husband and soon to be husband Juan, found her supposed laziness unattractive. While many women at the table were empathetic towards Robyn explaining that she may have depression, Gizelle took a large pivot to question her friend. In response to Robyn saying she still hasn’t been motivated to change her habits, Gizelle asked, “You haven’t made any changes? Is he not wanting to rush down the aisle because of this? No man wants to marry unattractive.” This line of questioning left the group stunned as Gizelle was/is/should be Robyn’s biggest advocate…and yet.

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