Gizelle Bryant's House Is Bad, But Honestly, They're All Terrible

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Gizelle Bryant's House Is Bad, But Honestly, They're All Terrible

On Sunday night's episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, we were treated to a party celebrating the launch of Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon’s newest business venture: a podcast called Reasonably Shady. The duo, who were seen on the show in earlier episodes recording shows and taking promotional images for the podcast, finally decided to bring the news to the other Housewives. And, in a bold showing of how little respect she had for Robyn’s townhouse, Gizelle decided to have the affair in the construction zone that is the outside of her home. The hostess even toyed with the idea of not letting some of her guests use her restroom.

Regardless, on the day of the event, Gizelle pitched a tiny tent with stray images of the duo and balloons that refused to stay put. The party was against the grating backdrop of lumber being moved and construction being done. This peculiar set up called into question the integrity of Gizelle’s newly and currently reconstructed home, which she’s dubbed, at least partly, the West Wing. This got my thinking of the other Potomac women’s abodes and how they compare to Gizelle’s. Let’s take a look.


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Similarly to Gizelle, Karen’s living situation has been discussed endlessly by Housewives and fans alike. When she first joined the series in Season 1, she lived in Potomac, but due to some financial and tax woes she and her husband Ray were facing, she was priced out of the city and home owning itself when she rented a mansion in Great Falls, VA.

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