Chris Bassett Says The 'RHOP' Husbands Have Moments Together That "Rival" 'RHONJ'

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Chris Bassett Says The 'RHOP' Husbands Have Moments Together That "Rival" 'RHONJ'

"I think we'll see a little bit more of the husbands as a group this year," Chris Bassett teased in his first-ever interview leading up to The Real Housewives of Potomac's Season 6 premiere on July 11.

When viewers last saw Chris, husband of RHOP's Candiace Dillard Bassett, the couple had just bought a home, Chris was launching a catering business, CbasswithDill, and partnering with HUNGRY to offer virtual cooking classes. Since then, Chris has focused on growing the company, while Candiace has been busy decorating their new home just so. "Which I have nothing to do with whatsoever," he quipped. "That's Candiace's realm, right? You know, I think I referred to our townhouse as a museum - if that townhouse would have been The Smithsonian, then this house is like the Louvre. I can't touch anything in here."

In August 2020, because of COVID-19 mandates that put a chokehold on the food service industry, Chris sold his BBQ restaurant. "I didn't know what I was going to do at first, but the catering and the classes really took off and it's been great." He's also enjoying the change in lifestyle that stepping away from restaurant work has afforded him. "It's allowed me to be at home; this was the first year that I was at home for every major holiday and minor holiday, and never had to come home late. And it's been amazing just to be here, to be able to support [Candiace]."

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