Shannon And Gina's Relationship Is Too Relatable

During last night's RHOC, I found myself being a little triggered by the dynamic between Shannon and Gina. When they gave us flashbacks of Gina confiding in an empathetic Shannon, I was like "oh how nice", and then Gina mentioned how maybe Shannon liked when Gina was helpless, or in a "rock bottom" sort of place. And I have been Gina.

When I was in dark, sad place, I had a friendship that I thought was a forever friendship. And then I started to work on myself, and grow, become more positive, and things just started looking up for me. And that is when the unexpected happened. She started getting weird with me, and it hit me, she only liked being my friend because I made her feel about her sad life. And without my stuff, she had to kind of sit and reflect and focus on herself.

Have you ever experienced a friendship dynamic like this?