7 Insane Moments In Bravo History We Don't Talk About Enough

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7 Insane Moments In Bravo History We Don't Talk About Enough

For the last 15 years, I've been watching Bravo. (Yes 15 years – I am young!!!) I watched the "Dinner Party From Hell" live, saw the Teresa Giudice table flip in real-time, and I saw "Scary Island" with commercials. These are the episodes that put Housewives on the map, but personally, it's the little moments that make me love Housewives; the small, seemingly insignificant moments that I reference with fellow Bravo Historians that make me stay a dedicated fan.

In no particular order, ladies and germs, we have some of my favorite underrated moments that definitely need more attention:

Millou's Doggy Funeral (RHONY, S6 E12)

Now that I am a dog owner myself, I have to say I would do the same thing for my Ruby. Sonja Morgan of Real Housewives of New York City is an animal lover and threw her dog Millou a doggy funeral, gave a speech, announced he was part of the LGBTQ+ family and her Swami priestess gave a beautiful farewell while Sonja leaned over and dumped his ashes in the river... well... sort of.

The wind had a different idea, it took Millou (in ash form) to the sidewalk, and while this is happening the cast of RHONY is looking down and commenting "oh he is on the sidewalk" and then the editors gave us a nice final shot of lil ashy Millou.

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