A History Of How 'Page Six' Became 'RHONY's Sixth Housewife

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A History Of How 'Page Six' Became 'RHONY's Sixth Housewife

You know how they say New York City is the fifth Sex and the City cast member? Well, Real Housewives of New York has its own silent, looming presence that might as well be handed an apple at this point: Page Six. Because, since the series' inception in 2008, the press has played a huge role in the conflicts and storylines that play out on on our TV screens. (When the women fight, slam down the paper, and question who leaked what... it's truly such a joy to watch, isn't it?)

But this week in particular has seen an uptick in fighting and mudslinging in the press. Every day there is a new headline, a new accusation, or a new "source" being named, and — though jury's out whether the drama's real or it's just Bravo's way of drumming up some sort of interest in this season — I'm loving it. It's quintessential RHONY. While other franchises let their drama play out in Instagram comments, or via subtweets, RHONY fights it out via Page Six.

I couldn't help but wonder... how much of the drama we see on RHONY is actually fueled by Page Six leaks? So I went back. All the way back. To the very first fight.

June 27, 2008

The Headline: "The Real Catfights of NYC"

The Article: Jill told Page Six that Simon "drinks too much and is very insulting."

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