'RHONY' Season 13 Trailer Is A Lesson In Absolutely Owning Someone

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'RHONY' Season 13 Trailer Is A Lesson In Absolutely Owning Someone

"Wowwwwww," says Ramona Singer, and me after watching the Season 13 trailer for Real Housewives of New York. Come for the naked men (and women), stay for newest housewife Eboni K. Williams calling Ramona the eff out for yet another incredibly tone deaf comment. And also stay for whatever is happening to Ellen Barkin, I mean Sonja Morgan. Long live Lady Morgan and the letters.

What once started as a town full of high society and the phrase "elegance is learned... my friend" (sorry I had to!) is now full of raging, horny, single women (plus Luann's male friend, Garth???) and painting dicks in a backyard. Aka, just as God intended. (Maybe without Garth.)

New to the group is Eboni K. Williams, TV host and attorney who will deliver me the content I have been waiting for ever since Ramona screamed "I! Don't! Wear! A! Mask! In! The! Ocean!" at the RHONY Season 12 reunion. Or maybe when she referred to the staff at a vacation rental as "servants." Or maybe it goes all the way back to when she said the phrase, "You're making a mountain out of a hole hill." Yeah that's it.

Whenever it was, Eboni joins the Housewives as the long-overdue first Black woman to be appear on the series. And while the trailer certainly teases her owning the Singer Stinger for her antiquated ways (and teaching her the phrase "gaslighting"), Eboni also seems to ruffle some feathers with the Countess. After Eboni suggests she is the most educated one at the table, Luann says, "Don't come into my house and tell me I don't have an education." Eboni's response? "I can leave your house, Lu." Man, I love this show.

Meanwhile, Sonja may be back on her "water pills," Heather Thomson is called "a Karen," the women dress up as witches, and Ramona is taking shots by herself. Across the city, a certain former Housewife just announced she's engaged just moments after the trailer dropped. To which I say, wow, Bethenny. Wow.

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The season premieres on May 4, so may the fourth be with you and the poor caterer who is stuck entertaining Ramona as she drinks by herself.


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