10 Small Moments From Last Night's 'RHONY' That Give Me Hope

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10 Small Moments From Last Night's 'RHONY' That Give Me Hope

Last night's episode of Real Housewives of New York felt... good. I don't know if it was the fact that we got a good, OG-style sit-down between Ramona and Luann, but it felt like everyone really showed up.

We're definitely still hanging on by a Jovani thread, but last night, the women were all participating in their own way, and I liked it. I felt a shift in momentum, like we're heading toward something good. Did these moments give you hope for the future of the franchise, too?

  • When Luann basically forced Ramona to confront Bershan Shaw about how she treated Sonja, it felt like old times. And I like Bershan, but her attack just felt so random and mean-spirited. But hey, at least she's making things happen.
  • WHEN THE PRODUCERS STEPPED IN IT WAS GREAT. I love when we break the fourth wall, even if it is to break up a potential physical altercation. I just love to see the BTS flashbacks.
  • When they all congregated in the morning to discuss just WTF happened the night before – and seeing Leah and Ramona be on the same page – was refreshing and actually nice.
  • Truthfully, I just love how confrontational they all were in Tuesday's episode. They tackled things head-on and got to the bottom of some issues, which allows storylines to move along and for friendships to actually develop, or unravel. I really loved how Sonja and Bershan handled their fight the day after, at the restaurant. I feel like they were both able to be honest and bury the hatchet.
  • When they were out a restaurant, I felt alive. Seems lame, but hey, I'll take what I can get. I still get a thrill watching these women order a flank steak at a restaurant at 1 p.m.
  • There were layers to this episode. There were multiple things going on at once, and it felt like this group was finally starting to gel.
  • And, there was a fucking seance. I mean, come on. I'll never tire. But I did laugh because, why did that man (very inaccurately) read Lu, but the woman psychic read the rest of them and brought them all to tears?
  • When Ramona and Sonja held hands, I was reminded of how deep their friendship actually is. They came together in the end and it meant something.
  • WHEN WE LEARNED ABOUT THE SECRET CHILDHOODS OF RAMONA AND SONJA, I LOVED IT. Remember when Bravo did the "How They Got Here: Luann" episode? I have been craving something like that ever since, so when the psychic was reading Sonja and outed the fact that Sonja's dad abandoned her and was an alcoholic, I think it brought them all closer to her.
  • When Ramona cried – and let's be honest, she has a really expressive face, but she's also had a ton of work done, so crying isn't an easy feat – it made her seem vulnerable, which is a good look for her. We learned her brother passed two years ago and that she pushed him away during his final years. It was very eye-opening and I loved seeing Ramona break down her wall a little bit.

Now, do I think RHONY still needs an overhaul in many ways? Abso-fucking-lutely. But I'm going to take last night's episode as a win for us. Also, I'm a sucker for the afterlife and spooky vibes, so that didn't hurt.


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