'RHONY' Rumors Roundup: What's True, What's Not, & What It Means

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'RHONY' Rumors Roundup: What's True, What's Not, & What It Means

Something's going on with Real Housewives of New York. Season 13 of the Bravo staple has been the series' lowest rated yet, and the wave of RHONY rumors from constant reports of casting changes and delayed reunion filming have fans starting to wonder if the show will survive much longer.

So, what is the truth? Is the reunion taping just delayed, or is it a sign of off-screen strife? (According to Eboni K. Williams, a reunion is coming eventually.) Is this the beginning of the end? I dove into 5 major RHONY rumors to see try to separate fact from fiction.

RUMOR: RHONY Is Going On A "Permanent Hiatus"

Arguably the biggest rumor going around about RHONY right now is that Bravo is pressing pause on the series. RHONY Season 13 has been the lowest rated season ever, which has fans speculating that maybe Bravo will just throw in the towel and put RHONY on a "permanent hiatus." A report from Radar Online cited anonymous sources claiming that "there is no date to start filming Season 14" and that the powers that be were considering canceling RHONY because of the low ratings and controversial Housewives (see: Ramona Singer).

STATUS: Unknown

Andy Cohen appeared to brush off the rumors in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, when he teased the possibility of adding a new cast member next season. "I think that the show will continue to evolve. And I think that if anything, we should add to the group," he said. It sure sounds like a denial, but I'm not convinced. I could definitely see them putting RHONY on a hiatus and then just... never bringing it back.

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