Is Ramona Singer Really Leaving 'RHONY'? We Examine The Season 14 Rumors

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Is Ramona Singer Really Leaving 'RHONY'? We Examine The Season 14 Rumors

Is she in or is she out? A rumor that Ramona Singer would be leaving The Real Housewives of New York after Season 13 took over the Bravo news cycle on Tuesday, July 13. But just one day later, a contrary report has seemingly shot that down, insisting that Ramona is staying put. So, what is the truth?

Rumor 1: Ramona Is Being Fired

Here's what went down. On Tuesday, Radar Online published a report claiming that Ramona wouldn't be invited back to the show because "she is too expensive" as the show's longest running cast member. Not only that, a source claimed that the network was having concerns that "the basic premise of the show doesn't work anymore." They explained, "A bunch of older white women behaving badly was fun a decade ago, but not today. The world has changed and if the show wants to survive another decade it must change too, and that starts with the cast."

That report was never confirmed, but it made sense. As wild as it is to imagine a Ramona-less RHONY, it's not totally uncalled for. I mean, this is the same woman who asked Eboni K. Williams, the show's first black Housewife, to teach her about race and had to apologize for insisting that "all lives matter" on Instagram. Anyone who has the "ordacity" to suggest she'd be the one moving the show forward when it comes to social issues should immediately rethink their stance.

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