The Luann DeLesseps gay piano bar story was leaked by...

My first thought when I saw this morning that RHONY "star" Luann DeLesseps was kicked out of gay piano bar Thursday night for causing a scene, basically, and being rude, I was like, who leaked this to Page Six?? Was Ramona Singer in attendance? I just LOVE that Page Six is THE place that RHONY cast goes to talk shit. It brings me joy.

OK so Luann was supposedly super drunk and stumbled through a wonky version of Money Can't Buy You Class, which is just so chef's kiss. She told Page Six that he wasn't "kicked out" which I kinda believe ... seems like a gay piano bar on a Thursday night in Manhattan would kinda be her scene.

Anyway, who do you think leaked this news to Page Six? Apparently the leaker also sent Page Six video of the performance, so keep that in mind:

1) The owner of the club: no better way to get people talking about Townhouse than to have a drunk Luann spotting

2) A patron who didn't get their turn to sing a song because Luann hogged the mic

3) Ramona and her iPhone 7

4) A friend of Leah McSweeney's was there, he told her, Leah leaked it

5) Luann did it herself -- no press is bad press!