Just A Little Light Digging On The Children Of The 'RHONY' Cast, NBD

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Just A Little Light Digging On The Children Of The 'RHONY' Cast, NBD

So obviously this season of Real Housewives of New York is chaotic. But do you wanna know what hit me like a ton of bricks on Tuesday's episode? It's the realization of just how long I've been watching these bitches. I've been watching RHONY for so long that I remember when Luann's daughter Victoria de Lesseps went to her first boarding school and went thrift shopping for the first time and told Luann about how she bought a cashmere sweater for $4.

Throughout the years we've seen glimpses of Victoria, but the real star of Tuesday's episode (for me anyways) was the niece. Nicole Nadeau. You may remember Nicole because she played a huge role on this show, but she was never on it. Remember? Adam, Carole, the niece!? A love triangle (that didn’t exist).

But this got me thinking, what has Victoria been up to? Where is Noel? How is Dorinda’s daughter Hannah? We never see her, but Quincy Morgan: Who Is She? So I’ve done some digging on the RHONY kids.

Ok, maybe not so much digging as divulging my opinions on them, but anyway, let’s start with Victoria de Lesseps.

Victoria de Lesseps

[rich Embed]

Google describes her as a “French-American contemporary visual artist, television personality, and socialite” which sounds chic as fuck to be honest. And, Tatler actually ran an article about Ms. Victoria in September 2020 saying “The name on everyone’s lips is Victoria de Lesseps.” Which, OK, I feel that might be a stretch but then again I am not on the French aristocratic social scene in the Hamptons.

Honestly, I have always liked Vicky. Tori? Victoria. From the little moments she's been on screen, she's always monotone and authentic, a little dark and a little mysterious, but was always warm to everyone enough to everyone around her.

Now, as for her Instagram, it is essentially Gallery Girls in 2021. LIGHTBULB MOMENT. Reboot Gallery Girls with Victoria and Nicole, the niece.

Avery Singer

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Personally, I am terrified of her. Always have been. Even as a child. She has mean-girl energy. I don’t know if it is the Blair Waldorf headbands or the prude WASP bullshit she pulled with Leah McSweeney, but I just don’t like it. But anyways. She graduated from the University of Virginia and now works for Cameo, and occasionally does IG Live events where she talks about women in business and finance. It gives me Ramona At The Learning Annex vibes. I wish she followed in Mario’s footsteps and became a True Faith Jewelry maven. Now THAT I would love to see.

Hannah Lynch (aka Dorinda’s daughter)

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She was only on for a short while, we didn’t see her in middle school or with a cast on her arm from falling out of a window while allegedly trying to sneak out cough cough Victoria, but she left an impression on me. Not a good one, but not a bad one. Just definitely an impression. Rocked a strong red lip. She told the Bravo Daily Dish that she's a writer and is very “Nora Ephron-y” and I didn’t peg her as that but hey, I love surprises!

Quincy Morgan

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Now we have NEVER seen her on the show, which makes me intrigued and kind of obsessed with her. I have completely made up my own personality profile on Quincy based on her now public Instagram, and just the little tidbits Sonja has said over the years. She is an artist, but preppy, yet free spirited. Just like our Sonjarita.

Noel de Lesseps

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Our favorite mustachioed break dancer. What a throwback. He really was learning to break dance in the living room of his UES townhouse. He's pretty low-key, loves a unibrow and seems to be quite the artist, as well. What's in the water in NYC? Everyone is a damn artist. In an article on the highly-esteemed digitalgirlclub.com, sources claim he has been estranged from Luann for almost two years. The “source” claims that “Noel believes his mother cares more about fame and money than her family.”

I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Bryn Hoppy

[rich Embed]

Bryn is 11 now. ELEVEN. Yes I remember her age because she was born the same year I graduated from high school, which was 2010. I remember turning in my final and then watching the Season 3 reunion that week and that was right after Bethenny gave birth. Yes, I am aware I have a problem, but I feel like remembering housewives details is important! It is what fuels me and brings me joy.

It's really wild how long this show has been on and how we've seen (and not seen) the children of RHONY grow up. Is it time for a RHONY Jr?

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