Here's What Heather Thomson Has Said About Her 'RHONY' Co-stars On Podcasts

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Here's What Heather Thomson Has Said About Her 'RHONY' Co-stars On Podcasts

Heather Thomson's days as a Real Housewife are numbered, and Leah McSweeney is making sure of it. In a tease for the May 18 episode, "A High Rate of Interest," Leah decides to arm herself with ammunition against Heather by looking up mean things Heather Thomson has said about her RHONY co-stars. "First of all, I'm going to start looking up the things that she says about everyone at this table," Leah says in the clip. And so, I decided to do the same.

Heather originally joined RHONY in Season 5 and remained a Housewife through Season 7. She's since appeared on and off, and finally agreed to return as an official "Friend Of" in Season 13. Unfortunately, we already know how this is going to end. It's no secret that Heather's return to RHONY did not go as planned. Before the season even premiered, word spread that Heather refused to continue filming RHONY early on in production after clashing with Leah.

Though she didn't name names, Heather told the Friends of Dorothy podcast on April 26 that she felt "assaulted" while filming. "People were interested in putting me down, dragging me down and showing me who is queen bee. I just don't have time for that stuff," she said. "It's the new girl who was intimidated and wanted to show who's the queen bee."

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