How Over It Is Andy?

Just some initial thoughts on the reunion, particulary, how over all of this is Andy? It seemed like he wanted to set Lisa on fire for being a little bit late. Later, when Adriana asked if she could bring her boyfriend out, his deadpan, "No," was not a joke, it was a threat.

And what about bringing these women to New York and then making them walk THROUGH THE SNOW to the set. Why not just fly Andy to Miami and do it at the real Versace mansion!

Overall though the reunion was fun. I was not here for Alexia saying that the domestic abuse charge against her son is fake. It may be, but Andy brings up his history of violence and Alexia brushes it off. "I'm not trying to justify everything..." she says about her son. Um, yes. That is EXACTLY what you are doing and might be why he is like he is!