‘RHOD’ Husband Travis Hollman Tells Us All About His Serial Killer Babysitter — Exclusive

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‘RHOD’ Husband Travis Hollman Tells Us All About His Serial Killer Babysitter — Exclusive

As Valentine's Day tributes go, stories involving serial killers aren't typically thought of as the perfect way to say, "I love you." So when The Real Housewives of Dallas star Stephanie Hollman posted an Instagram message to her husband Travis that included the aside, "You are the only person I have ever met who was babysat by a serial killer and made it out alive," it made a lot of people go, "Wait, what."

Hollman wrote in her caption that the serial killer slash babysitter in question, Randall Woodfield, was given the nickname "The I-5 Killer" because his string of violent crimes took place off of Interstate 5, a north-south route of highway that stretches from the Mexican border to the Canadian border.

Woodfield's life and crimes were detailed in a 2016 longform article published by Sports Illustrated as part of their True Crime series; according to SI, Woodfield was an accomplished football player at Portland State University who was drafted by the Green Bay Packers.

He was cut from the team before the regular season and eventually returned to the Pacific-Northwest where his crime spree — and babysitting career and his eventual overlap with the Bravo-verse— began in earnest. In 1981, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, plus 90 years. (He's suspected of killing 44 people, but he was only convicted of killing one.)

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