Who Are Kyle, Kim, And Kathy's Fathers?

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Who Are Kyle, Kim, And Kathy's Fathers?

We've heard about Big Kathy, the mother of Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, and Kathy Hilton, for a little over a decade now. We've learned over several seasons of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that she let Kyle drive herself to set at 13 years old, that she took her children to Studio 54, that she loved a TV tray, and that she had that "goddamn house" in Palm Springs. But what else? What about the men in Big Kathy's life? What about Kyle, Kim, and Kathy's fathers?

We never really hear much about these men; they are truly mysteries. So, of course, I made it my mission to try to make sense of it all.

Here's what I discovered about these elusive man-ghosts who haunt the Hills of Beverly.

Laurence Avanzino, married c. 1958 - 1962

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Laurence Avanzino was Big Kathy's first husband and father to lil Kathy Hilton. He was a house painter who married Big Kathy in 1958 once she got pregnant with lil Kathy. Lil Kathy was born March 13, 1959.

According to a Reddit thread done by user BravoSummaries, Larry's sister Adele Avanzino told Jerry Oppenheimer, the author of House of Hilton, that Larry really didn't like how Big Kathy would promote their daughter, leading her to be discovered before the age of two. Adele told Oppenheimer, "Little Kathy was just a baby and Larry didn’t like her being gone a lot of the time with Kathy running around, taking her here, and taking her there. Kathy worked very hard at it. She put all her energy into that child who she adored. And Larry was not happy about it."

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