4 Storylines On This Season Of 'RHOBH' You Forgot Existed

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4 Storylines On This Season Of 'RHOBH' You Forgot Existed

This entire season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been must see TV week after week; I deliberately do not make plans on Wednesday nights because I need to sit at home and watch live (with commercials!) to see it all unfold. It's called dedication. But this morning, I received a text from my Shortcomings co-host Chris Lewis and he said, "it's like we're just circling the drain" after watching last night's episode, and guys, I have to agree.

This made me ask myself, if we took away the alleged defrauding of plane crash victims, what would we really have? What show would we be watching? What storylines are we getting this season, besides the Erika of it all?

This. This is what we have below, and wow Bethenny wow, it is not a lot:

Garcelle V. Harry Hamlin's Sauce

Things have been a little tense between Garcelle and Lisa Rinna for most of the season but in La Quinta, they both decided to bury the hatchet and leave last season in the past.

Garcelle voiced to Rinna that she feels she doesn't have her back and feels there are two groups, which is very obvious. The "Fox Force Five" make it ver clear that they're a group of which Garcelle is not a part, so it's not like this feeling is coming out of thin air. For her part, Rinna feels like Garcelle is nit-picking and says, "if we're going to go there then... I didn't get a text from you after we brought the sauce."

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