Kathy Hilton Is Quietly Revealing Who Kyle Richards Really Is

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Kathy Hilton Is Quietly Revealing Who Kyle Richards Really Is

Kyle Richards is one of the last three OGs standing across the entire Real Housewives universe, and there is a reason for that. She knows how to play the game, which means she knows how to play both sides of an argument without really getting her hands dirty, and often, she walks away unscathed.

But Kyle's strong suit is really her family; showing that side to her really that keeps viewers on her side because she is a great mom, a great wife, and seems to be down-to-Earth at home. And of course, there is the relationship with her sisters, and let's be honest. That is really what people watch for.

The first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had some of the most infamous moments of television: the dinner party from hell, Camille and Kelsey Grammar's relationship woes, and of course, Season 1 gave us the limo scene with Kyle and Kim Richards. You know the one. "You stole my god damn house!" followed by Kyle saying in front of cameras, that Kim is an alcoholic and that their mother had died worrying about her. Shit, I need Allison DuBois to give me a drag of her e-cig after that, tbh.

For me, it was in that limo where Kyle solidified herself as reality television royalty... but let's be clear here, it was at the expense of her sister Kim. And now with their sister Kathy Hilton on the show, we get even more of glimpse into their sisterly dynamic.

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