Who Will Return To 'RHOBH' Season 12? One Fan Favorite Is "On The Fence"

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Who Will Return To 'RHOBH' Season 12? One Fan Favorite Is "On The Fence"

This season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been full of rumors, gossip, beaded dresses, leather pants, and Kathy Hilton. And thank God for all of that. Unfortunately, it's all coming to an end with Wednesday night's finale. And although we'll have four (count 'em four) reunion episodes, I'm already wondering (and worried about) who from RHOBH will return for Season 12.

'Tis the season for rumors and headlines to make the rounds as the women prepare for contract negotiations, so I've gone ahead and pulled together all of the information about who is in, who is out, and who is "on the fence."

From most likely to leave to least likely, I present...


Speaking of "on the fence," Garcelle apparently is. According to Entertainment Tonight, Garcelle is "on the fence" about leaving the show or returning for another season, she told Lauren Zima at a recent event. Although Garcelle has quickly become a fan favorite on the series, she has been through a rough season when it comes to her relationship with the women. She has expressed feelings of uncertainty as to where she stands with the other Housewives, but let's hope the uncertainty she feels about returning to the show washes away.


While Dorit has not spoken about this, former housewife Camille Grammer has been calling to replace Dorit with Denise Richards. As far as I know, Camille is not in charge of casting, but I probably would be least sad to see Dorit go. Don't get me wrong, I love her and her fake accent, but I would be OK with some new blood. All of that is to say, I don't think Dorit (or PK) will go without a fight.


Crystal hasn't spoken about whether she'll return or not, and the internet seems to be split on their opinion of her, but I personally think she will be back. Her fight with Sutton was the main storyline before the Erika drama unfolded and although she rubbed me the wrong way at times, her even keel nature balanced out the group. Plus, I'd love to see more $100,000 handbags.


While Lisa Rinna would probably have to be dragged off the set of RHOBH, fans aren't so sure they want her to return for another season if she isn't going to "own it," like she's so frequently demanded of her co-stars. However, Rinna hasn't said anything about whether she'll return or leave the show... my guess is we don't need to worry about her departing from the series quite yet.


Kathy told Kelly Clarkson that she would "love to" be invited back. I think she is definitely a shoe-in. The fans love her, I love her. She was a much needed light in this heavy season. I think the real question is will she stay "friend of" or be asked to be full cast. I would assume that she would turn down full cast and just stay "friend of" since, let's be real, she doesn't need the money nor the publicity. She's just doing this for fun.


It is safe to assume that Queen Kyle will be back. As the only OG remaining, she is the glue that holds this whole group together. Especially with the popularity of Kathy, it wouldn't make sense for her to exit now.


Sutton definitely had a rocky go of it at first with Crystal, and then with Erika. Not much has been said about her return, but as a main plot driver this season, and the voice of the people, I think it's safe to say that if she'll be invited back. (And I wouldn't be surprised if next season she "found her voice.")


I mean, how could she not come back? A source close to production told Hollywood Life that if Bravo asks, Erika won't say no. With the ratings she has pulled in this season (which she's very aware of), and her legals woes continuing to come to light, it would be a mistake to let her go. Plus, she probably needs the check.

Once production is up and running (which is supposed to happen very soon), these things are very easily spoiled so I am sure an announcement is coming soon. Until then, I truly could not be more ready for ALL. FOUR. REUNION. EPISODES.

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