Do Mauricio and Kyle have an arrangement?

Update after the update on that blind item that pointed out Dorit kissing Mauricio’s shoulder in a time of stress. There are some who think it was innocent and Dorit especially wouldn’t participate in an affair with Kyle’s husband.

If we remove Dorit from the picture we still have allegations of Mauricio having a wandering eye. Today, Dana who gets a lot of celebitea is getting a FLOOD of DM’s of spotting Mauricio with other women. This is something Kyle claimed she cannot stay in a relationship or marriage where there is cheating. However, Brandi hinted at it in the past. And in the Denise Richards takedown season, Kyle said she knew Brandi to be many things — but not a liar. Dana states that the two have an arrangement. There are multiple accounts speaking about where they saw Mauricio with other women at going as far as to state that he has girlfriends. If Mauricio is the west coast husband, who is the west coast wife that is a part of this ‘arrangement’