Erika Jayne and the $20 million claim

In the preview clips for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season premiere, Erika Jayne tells Garcelle that she never had the $20 million. She says it was never in her LLC, never in her hands, never in her account. Garcelle, bless her, is like, "oook." Because yeah, what Erika is saying goes against what the court documents have claimed. So is Erika telling the truth, orrrrr...

Do you guys follow the Bravo Docket on Instagram? They do great work. They dug into what the bankruptcy court documents actually said about the $20 million that was allegedly in Erika's LLC.

The Bravo Docket explains that when Erika says that the $20 million was never in her hands or her account, she's being "duplicitous." The actual money may never have been in her physical possession or in her account, but Erika signed tax documents that said EJ Global got a $20 million loan from Girardi Keese.

So, has anything been "disproven," as Erika says they have? To quote Luann DeLesseps: "Not really."

As for what Erika tells the Bravo producer to look up, the Bravo Docket ladies say it was"probably her oppositions to the motions." Which, to my understanding, is not "proof" that the claims against her have been disproven.

Erika gives me the creeps, y'all!! She is doubling down on all the wrong things! I don't understand her PR strategy and never will. How do you guys feel about her?