Updates on Dorit's home invasion

From the previews of RHOBH's Season 12 premiere on Wednesday, we're going to get quite a bit of footage of Dorit's home invasion and robbery, which occurred in October. I feel like, from what I've seen, I haven't read a ton about it. At least from Dorit. I know she teased that it would be featured on the season, and it seems like they might have started filming right around that time, anyway! Eerie.

I was wondering what happened with the break-in, specifically, if anyone was held responsible / if the $1MM of valuables were ever received. I think about Kyle's home robbery (when she was thankfully not home) and how some of her jewelry ended up making it to a photo Diane Keaton posted? (That was so weird.) But after doing some research, I really can't find much about what came from the robbery. It feels like it was huge news when it happened, and I have no doubt that the LAPD is working on the case, but how unsettling to know the people could still be out there!

For her own part, Dorit told Access Hollywood in January that she was doing OK after the incident. She said, "I'm doing okay. One foot in front of the other...I'm looking for joy, mostly within the family. I'm doing what I need to do to just heal and come out the other side."

She also said that she showed it all on the show and went right into filming after it happened. And that the show's crew was there for her throughout the whole process. She says she's in therapy for the trauma, too, which we'll see this season. Ugh I can't imagine!

Meanwhile, if you've seen the previews for the season, Sutton seems to make some very rude remarks about Dorit's experience, saying she has been "putting out fires of her own" too. And her own fires are like, minuscule compared to having a gun to your head with your kids in another room. Well, she's already apologizing for that, before the premiere even hits LOL. According to People, Sutton said: "It was wrong and my brain just wasn't in the moment, I think. And I think when your brain isn't in the moment, that is being insensitive. That's basically the definition."

Sounds like she's trying to eat crow before the show makes her look bad!