Most Shocking Moments From The 'RHOBH' Trailer

The moment is finally here: the 'RHOBH' trailer is here and it is JAW DROPPING. I mean this quite literally. Like my jaw was on the floor the entire time. I mean not literally on the floor but open in shock and awe. You get it. Moving on- so many shocking moments:

- Erika saying "it's my life to burn down."

- Crystal asking "is it really that bad to Rinna replying "yes"

- $5,000,000 necklace 😳

- Erika saying she's "having a lot of sex"

- The break in at Dorit's

- Newcomer Diana saying "You need a new villain, here I am"

- Erika saying "I don't give a fuck about anybody else but me"

- Kathy being put in the hot seat

- Not letting Kathy in the store.

Did I miss anything?