It's Time To Retire Rinna

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It's Time To Retire Rinna

Lisa Rinna has been the in-house instigator on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since her debut season in 2014. Because of her antics, I have to admit, we've gotten some great television. She has worked for her paycheck; from the Kim Richards showdown in Amsterdam to her (unnecessary) takedown of Denise Richards. As they say, Rinna understood the assignment.

However, her "pursuit" of the truth and general nosiness, that we as fans can appreciate, has waned in the recent storyline of Erika Girardi's legal scandal this season. She's been called hypocritical by many, but most importantly, she’s lost any semblance of “real.” And it’s made me think it’s time to retire Rinna.

But how did we even get to this public opinion considering years ago, Rinna was the name on everyone's lips?

In her inaugural season, we saw Rinna clash with Kim Richards, who at the time was struggling with her sobriety. Kim and Rinna's feud was dark, and, at times, uncomfortable to watch. There were drug allegations, cheating allegations, and husband-talk (we all know the one) that made it both impossible to watch and impossible to look away. Kim was going through her own personal struggles, and Rinna — who naively or not — saw that and called it out. She labeled herself a "truth seeker," and that self-appointed title rolled over into other scandals on the show, like Munchausen, like cocaine in the bathroom, and like Denise Richards' relationship with Brandi Glanville.

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