Erika Jayne & Kyle Richards Hate Each Other, Right?

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Erika Jayne & Kyle Richards Hate Each Other, Right?

Throughout this intense season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we have been witness to Kyle Richards doing what she does best, and that is playing both sides of the fence. She is the epitome of saying one thing to one person, and another to another, all while keeping her hands clean and out of trouble. But I think the time has come for it to be called out, and I think Erika Girardi will be the one to do it during the RHOBH Season 11 reunion.

By the way, I'm not on anyone's side here when it comes to teams. More than anything, I'm Team Viewer because I love the messiness and the layered tension we've been getting all season, which – great news – will presumably roll into next season, since they start filming again at the end of October.

Anyway, Kyle has presented like Erika's "go-to" person this year. We saw her calling Erika and texting her to meet up, and Erika opened up to her about what's going on with the divorce and all the allegations. Kyle was a supportive friend, a good listener, and a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.

Well. To her face.

In the confessional chair, it was quite the opposite. She poked holes in Erika's stories, questioned the divorce and the information alleged in the LA Times article (that she didn't even read all the way through).

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