Kyle Richards & Betsy Brandt On Unique Christmas Traditions & 'The Housewives Of The North Pole'

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Kyle Richards & Betsy Brandt On Unique Christmas Traditions & 'The Housewives Of The North Pole'

The Housewives of the North Pole may be about decking the halls with boughs of holly, but this Peacock original movie is more cutthroat than any Housewives episode (reunion or otherwise) you've ever seen.

When a writer named Kendall comes to North Pole, Vt. — the jolly town with an over-the-top affection for Christmas — with a mission of writing a scintillating expose (under the guise of writing something heartwarming), an all out war between best friends Trish (Kyle Richards) and Diana (Betsy Brandt) breaks out. Despite their impressive record of winning Best Holiday House for years, the two women put down their candy canes and put on their gloves to compete against each other for the title the real queen of Christmas.

Will the competition get the best of them, or will the spirit of Christmas bring the two feuding friends back together to ultimately hold on tight to their crowns? (Didn't someone once say, "The crown is heavy, darlings, so just leave it where it belongs"?)

The Dipp had the opportunity to talk to both Richards and Brandt ahead of the premiere of The Housewives of the North Pole (Dec. 9 on Peacock) to discuss their Christmas traditions, Housewives cameos, and the only place Richards says she's competitive... the Peloton.

The Dipp: Trish and Diana have some very unique Christmas traditions in The Housewives of the North Pole. Do either of you have any unique traditions that you uphold every year?

Betsy Brandt: I tell people to come over after 4 p.m. I do adult piñatas [with] socks, band-aids, and little bottles of alcohol. Lots of food and lots of fun!

Kyle Richards: I'm more of a classic, traditional type. This time of year is a time of being able to slow down; so my daughter will come home from college, and we take advantage of our days off ... in our pajamas, watching holiday movies, baking, cooking. We do Christmas Eve dinner; I love to cook for the holiday more than anything. It's my time to shine, guys! And then we get up for a typical Christmas morning with my daughter(s) and now her fiancé Alex!

The Dipp: Yes, congratulations! And you celebrate Hanukkah too.

Richards: And Hanukkah. We just had a Hanukkah dinner. I just love the holidays – bring it on! That's why I love this movie and making this movie it’s such an honor to be able to do that.

The Dipp: The film features some familiar faces for Housewives fans. Can you tell me more about the cameos? I saw Cynthia Bailey, Lisa Barlow, Karen Huger...

Richards: They asked me for some suggestions and because it’s not a part of the Real Housewives [franchise] I was like wait, what are we doing? I’m confused. But, you know, the Housewives fans are super fans and they always show up and are so supportive. So bring on the Breaking Bad fans — we just want everyone to love this movie.

The Dipp: It's something for everyone! Are you guys competitive like Trish and Diana become in the film once they start working against each other?

Richards: Only on the Peloton.

The Dipp: Who is your favorite instructor?

Richards: I have a few, but of course Ally Love.

The Dipp: Betsy, are you competitive?

Brandt: I feel like I’d be lying... I’ve gotten this far in my career. I'm mostly competitive with myself. I don’t know if it’s good or not good!

The Dipp: It's good!

Richards: I’m the same way.

Brandt: I feel like we are both like that. I’ll always do another take. That’s the reason I loved working with the director because he knew exactly what he wanted he saw it s clear and it was really wonderful to be a part of that.

The Dipp: Trish gets called out for using a Bobby Flay recipe and passing it off as her own. Have you guys ever committed a holiday faux pas like that that you're willing to fess up to now?

Richards: I’ve never lied and said that I made it but I also have never offered and said that I didn’t make it. I mean if they don’t ask, why tell?

Brandt: There's probably so many that I can't think of one it doesn't even standout to me. I do my own stuff but I know Bobby. I'd totally steal from Bobby!

The Dipp: Finally, what Housewife would you say would become the most competitive when faced with a challenge?

Richards: I'm gonna say Rinna.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

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