Dorit Kemsley Tried... And Failed

- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills -
Dorit Kemsley Tried... And Failed

It wouldn't be the lastest episode of Hot Off The Mess in this apartment if there were no technical difficulties. Because yes, I had to re-record everything. EVERYTHING. I was exhausted and deep in a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wormhole but I did, and I did it for all of you. I'm so selfless. Also that's showbiz baby. So please bare with me.

But OK, I have to break the news to everyone, we as a Real Housewives of Potomac fanbase have to dump Juan Dixon. We do. Our Queen Robyn Dixon deserves better. And the fact Gizelle supports their relationship to the extent she does is a red fucking flag.

And you guys, I am LOVING all this Candiace Bassett support from interview with her! I told you she's amazing, and I'm thrilled to see you're coming around. I also talk about why we all need to go touch grass and take a walk before we start discussing these Real Housewives of New York rumors. Everyone was doing too much this week.

And of course, we get into the Lip Kit Launch from hell and how Dorit fucking failed. She failed. Big time.

P.S. Stan Kathy Hilton for clear skin!

Thank you to Zocdoc for making this episode happen!

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