7 Things To Know About Diana Jenkins, 'RHOBH's Newest Housewife

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7 Things To Know About Diana Jenkins, 'RHOBH's Newest Housewife

The new season of RHOBH is upon us, and the full cast from last season is returning. Why mess with a good thing, you know? However, there's also a new addition joining RHOBH Season 12, and that's Diana Jenkins. And from the preview of this season, Diana is ready to cause a lot of drama and perhaps, willingly, wear the villain crown. We love a strong entrance!

While it doesn't seem Diana is going to make a huge impact in the premiere episode, which will mainly be focused on Dorit Kemsley's home invasion that occurred Oct. 2021, it is only a matter of time until Diana pops up at a dinner party or shopping excursion. So we decided to look into what we could learn about the new Housewife. Who is she? What is her story? And who is she most likely to butt heads with?

Here's what you need to know.

She is a business woman

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She is the founder and CEO of neuro, a "lifestyle drink company." (These Housewifves LOVE drink companies, don't they?) She is also the founder and CEO of D Empire Entertainment, a music label. In addition, she is the majority owner of Melissa Odabash, a swimwear and clothing company. Busy woman!

She is originally from Bosnia

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According to Bravo's bio about her, Diana has seen a lot in her life. First, she was "born and raised in Communist Yugoslavia. When the war broke out, she was forced to flee her home in Sarajevo, eventually arriving in London as a refugee." She now spends a lot of her time in California, which makes her prime to be a new Housewife on Beverly Hills.

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