The 'RHOBH' Season 11 Reunion Seating Chart Is Screaming With Opportunity & Drama

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The 'RHOBH' Season 11 Reunion Seating Chart Is Screaming With Opportunity & Drama

Believe it or not, we are nearing the end of RHOBH's best season yet. On Friday, Andy Cohen hosted the much-anticipated RHOBH reunion featuring... all of the women. (And no walk offs! Love that!) Yes, everyone including Erika was there and, according to Andy himself, everything was addressed. (Widows and orphans included.)

Following the taping, a seating chart of the reunion was made public and let me tell you — it is screaming with opportunity. Andy is, of course, anchored by Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne (who else), but the rest of the women's spots on the couches suggest that this reunion is going to be a battle, and I for one am ready for it. Take a look at the chart below. (Note: Kathy Hilton is seated in between Kyle and Garcelle for part of the reunion, probably because they told her to sit next to Kyle and she couldn't tell who was who.)

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Putting together this seating chart feels like putting together a puzzle of 1,000 pieces. There's only one way it could have gone and they nailed it. Let's unpack what this seating chart tells us about the reunion, shall we?

Erika Jayne vs. everybody

Erika is quite literally in the hot seat sitting to Andy's left. I think we can all assume at this point that this is going to be a very heavy Erika Jayne night. It is worth noting that she is on the same side as Lisa, Dorit, and Crystal (the three ladies who seemed the most supportive) and across from Sutton, Garcelle, and Kyle (the three ladies who seem to be the most skeptical). Sutton definitely has been the most outspoken, challenging Erika about what she did vs. didn't know. Garcelle has seemed a bit suspicious about the whole thing, and Kyle is constantly questioning what is true.

Andy confirmed on his radio show that "the [Erika] drama kept coming up because there were tentacles of the drama that involved, you know, all the other ladies." He also confirms that they did tape a big chunk involving her marital drama between Erika and Tom and "the last 90 minutes was a very spirited conversation about the case." Andy also states that "[Erika] answers everything" and that some of the topics that were discussed are widows and orphans, dementia and Alzheimer's, other women, money/who owes what/hiding money, and court/ jail, etc. Sounds delightful!

Crystal across from Sutton

The newest housewife, Crystal, definitely came in hot this season. Right off the bat she didn't see eye to eye with Sutton. And despite seemingly moving on, Crystal stands by the fact that Sutton "violated" her when she walked in on her in Tahoe, while Sutton stands by the fact that she has "ugly leather pants." And so having these two across the space from each other only seems fitting.

Garcelle across from Lisa

Garcelle and Lisa have had a few ups and downs the past two seasons. It all started when Lisa didn't stand up for her friend Denise Richards and then couldn't promise Garcelle she would have her back. Chances are that is going to be a topic du jour for the reunion, considering the two are seated in the same spots, on opposite couches. In fact, an insider even revealed to Hollywood Insider that during the reunion taping, “Rinna and Garcelle went at it and they went at each other hard."

Garcelle across from Dorit

Garcelle and Dorit have gotten into it quite a bit this season, too. Most notably, at the Rinna Beauty Event, Dorit asked about all the "little jabs" she felt Garcelle was taking towards her while Garcelle said that Dorit talks too much. (She's not totally wrong, but it's part of Dorit's charm?) It led to a few "fuck yous" and a storm off, and Andy has already confirmed that the pair get into it at the reunion.

Dorit across from Kyle

Yet another pair that has had some beef throughout the years. They seemed to have put it all to bed, but one issue keeps coming up: the fact that Dorit talks too much. We'll see if Kyle and Garcelle tag-team Dorit on this one considering they're both on the same couch, facing Dorit.

Kathy next to Kyle

There is no surprise that Kathy is sitting next to her sister, although it is rare for a "friend of" to not sit at the end of the couch. This spot on the couch tells me Bravo knows that Kathy Hilton doesn't get relegated to the corner of a sofa, or even worse, sent to a separate chair like Danielle Staub. Her being next to Kyle also suggests that these two are copacetic during the reunion, because watching two people less than a foot next to each other fight is just a really awkward camera angle.

Kyle to Andy's Right

Kyle wears the crown and acts as the glue that attempts to hold everything together. Key word here is attempts. It is only right that the single OG Beverly Hills Housewife left takes the place of honor.

The Reunion Part 1 is set to air on Wednesday October, 6th. Buckle up kids, we're in for a wild ride.

Image: Bravo

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