Tyrone Gilliams Finally Speaks Out About His Relationship With Sheree Whitfield

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Tyrone Gilliams Finally Speaks Out About His Relationship With Sheree Whitfield

In the premiere of the new season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield makes her entrance and chats with fellow OGs Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, and newly peached Marlo Hampton about her relationship with Tyrone Gilliams, which, she says at the time, is very strong.

We know, though, that things went left with the pair in late 2021: TMZ reported that Tyrone was upset with the Sheree for insisting he film scenes outside of his home, even though he was under very strict house arrest rules.

There has been a lot of gossip about Tyrone online, but thankfully, he wanted to clear up some of the misconceptions and did an interview with YouTuber Tasha K.

He publicly speaks about his relationship – or lack thereof – with Sheree, and answers a lot of questions so many of us have asked.

Here are the highlights:

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How did Tyrone and Sheree meet?

Tyrone tells Tasha that he's unsure if Sheree was still with her ex-husband when they first met over a decade ago through friends in Philadelphia, but they became friends and then built their friendship into a relationship.

Is Sheree the only RHOA cast member he was involved with?

In Season 4, when Sheree and NeNe Leakes were in a verbal spat and she delivered her iconic "I'm very rich bitch" line – it was revealed later on that the two were fighting about hosting a party for Tyrone. It was also rumored that NeNe may have dated Tyrone, too, which is something he vehemently denied.

What did Tyrone go to jail for?

In his words, it was "security and wire fraud." He was a commodities trader who worked on Wall Street. He reportedly ran a Ponzi scheme and lost investors $5 million.

How much time did Tyrone serve?

He was sentenced to ten years in 2013 but only served seven; he was released in 2020.

What's his relationship timeline look like with Sheree?

Tyrone and Sheree have had a long history of an on-again, off-again relationship. Although he doesn't give direct answers in his interview, here's what he said:

They meet in 2011 as "friends" in Philly, and their relationship blossomed into "something more" around that time.

In 2012 they stop talking after his indictment. He explains in the video that he shut down completely after his indictment, because when the federal government is investigating you, they track everyone you're involved with. But the two got back together not long after.

In 2013, they start talking/dating again, then he goes to jail, and stops talking to her.

Not long after they start talking again, and in 2016, they officially start dating. (This was a storyline on Season 9.)

In 2017, they have a reported prison wedding. It wasn't official, but Sheree's "wifey" t-shirt prompted the rumors. That said, in 2016, Sheree told Andy Cohen that she wasn't engaged.

In 2020, Tyrone gets out of prison and enters a halfway house, then goes into home confinement.

In 2021, they supposedly fall out because Sheree wanted him to film (outside his home) and he couldn't, lest he break the law.

They reunite and film in February, and around early March, rumors fly that he's doing a show and Sheree doesn't want any part of it. In late April, he does this interview.

And that's just Tyrone's side of things. Sheree’s might be different.

In this season's premiere, Sheree says she FaceTimes with Tyrone, who was, at the time, staying at a halfway house. She said on the show that they were practicing abstinence to be sure that his love for her in the free world was as strong as it was while he was incarcerated.

The premiere was likely filmed around October 2021, and they likely broke up around March 2022.

Will we see Tyrone on the show?

Yes! Although he did initially file a lawsuit against Truly Original, the company that produces RHOA, they came to an agreement in February. According to both Tyrone and reports circulating, they filmed multiple scenes together, which included the much-anticipated She by Sheree fashion show.

What is Tyrone up to now?

Tyrone is actually getting into show business himself, and is producing a show called Love In the Feds, which he claims to be about mass incarceration and families who have a loved one affected by the system.

What is his relationship with Sheree now?

According to Tyrone, his focus is on his new show, God, family, and business. He didn't say whether or not he and Sheree are together, specifically, but implied they are not. Meanwhile, Sheree wants it to be known that she has nothing to do with his new show. The interviewer Tasha told Tyrone that Sheree has been calling his show a scam, and he responds, "I heard, but it's not, it's about mass incarceration."


I can't wait to see Sheree and Tyrone interact in person later this season. According to how they feel about each other now, it's safe to say Sheree won't be having a wedding storyline anytime soon.

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