Ya better call Tyrone

I was ecstatic to find out that Sheree Whitfield was coming back to real housewives of Atlanta. Not only is she an icon and the self proclaimed bone carrier but she also had an interesting storyline when she left off. It was her relationship with Tyrone. Unfortunately, earlier when it was be filming for the new season her and Tyrone got into a rift because he was not supposed to be filming on camera because it violates the terms of his either probation or halfway house rules. I was hoping that we would get a Sheree/Tyrone relationship view but she had to pivot her storyline something else. As you recently saw, there was a she by Sheree fashion show finally and TMZ is reporting that Tyrone was there. Also, the report said that Tyrone and her are on good terms and he was allowed to film some end of the season scenes with her. Storyline saved!