Is Kenya Moore Still Married To Marc Daly? Here's Where The 'RHOA' Stars Stand Now

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Is Kenya Moore Still Married To Marc Daly? Here's Where The 'RHOA' Stars Stand Now

The 13th season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has seen Kenya Moore try to frame a castmate for having sex with a stripper, upset the other Housewives by simply ordering a takeout crab cake, and wear a highly offensive Halloween costume. But, the season has also shown a more personal, emotional side to Kenya. During this season, Kenya and her husband Marc Daly have had quite the back-and-forth in their relationship. One moment things seem to be getting better, the next he’s filing for divorce in the wrong state.

During Sunday night’s episode, Kenya told her friends that she received some positive feedback from Marc, who said he wanted to come to Atlanta more often and do marriage counseling in person. But, as we know, the season wrapped filming months ago. So, where do Kenya and Marc stand now? Let’s take a look at some of the ups and downs that led to their current status.

June 2017 — They Get Married

Kenya surprised fans and co-stars alike when she announced that she married Marc on June 10, 2017. They had been dating for six months when they tied the knot during a small wedding in St. Lucia.

“Marc, you are the best man I have ever known. Thank you for loving me unconditionally,” Kenya wrote on Instagram at the time. It was a nice moment of positivity before she started filming RHOA again and some of her co-stars started questioning whether Marc actually existed.

Image: Bravo

November 2018 — They Welcome Brooklyn

Marc and Kenya welcomed their daughter, Brooklyn, on November 3, 2018. “I finally have everything I’ve dreamed of,” Kenya told People in December 2018. “This little angel … so beautiful. I feel so blessed. It’s all been so worth it.” Brooklyn, of course, has her own Instagram page, @TheBrooklynDaly.

September 2019 — They Announce Their Separation

In September 2019, Kenya and Marc both released statements announcing that they were separating. “It is with profound sadness that I regret to inform my fans that I am divorcing my husband Marc Daly,” read Kenya’s statement. “Due to recent and ongoing circumstances, I can no longer continue in the marriage. My sole concern and focus is and will always be my daughter, Brooklyn, my miracle baby. She was made in love and true commitment.”

People reported at the time that Kenya and Marc were seen together only a few days earlier at an event he hosted. Which leads us to...

Image: Bravo

March 2020 — Marc Makes a Dramatic Appearance on RHOA

Marc first appeared on RHOA during Season 10, at which point NeNe Leakes and Shereé Whitfield had to at least admit that he was a real person. And while he didn’t pop up on the show that much — he continued to live in New York while Kenya was in Atlanta — he made the most appearances during Season 12. And, unfortunately, it wasn’t a good look.

The event Marc threw — the one that took place only a few days before the separation — was caught on the RHOA cameras. Viewers saw Marc demanding that Kenya be his stylist for the evening, and then storming out of the event. He also had a couple of hot mic moments. There was one in which he told someone he hates marriage. He also asked that producers stop filming him, and said, “They’re never going to see me again after this event.”

Basically All of 2020 — They Attempt Reconciliation

Throughout 2020, it seemed like things with Marc and Kenya might be taking a turn toward them getting back together. During a February 2020 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Kenya said that she and Marc were “in a good place.” Asked about whether they were back together, she said, “We're trying to figure it out now. We had a beautiful brunch today and it was great.”

Then, in November 2020, Kenya posted a photo of herself and Marc together at Brooklyn’s birthday party. This time period was filmed for RHOA. On Sunday’s episode Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey asked about Marc coming into town for the party. “I don’t know what to say. It’s just all over the place,” Kenya said, before sharing that Marc said he wanted to come to Atlanta more often.

At the end of the year, Kenya gave another update on WWHL. "I have not filed for divorce yet," she said in December. "He did file and withdrew it less than 24 hours later, so we've kind of got past that. And right now, Marc is really fighting for his marriage. He wants to go to counseling. He's made appointments… A lot of things that I never thought I'd see the day."

Image: Bravo

January 2021 — They Separate Again

In January, Marc told The Root that he and Kenya were over… again. “After recently attending mediation, Kenya and I have agreed to end our marriage,” he said in a statement. “I will always have great care for her and look forward to amicably continuing to co-parent our daughter Brooklyn with an abundance of love and wisdom.” But...

March 2021 — It’s Complicated

In March 2021, Kenya appeared on WWHL and admitted that her status with Marc isn’t solid yet. Andy Cohen said that it seemed like their status “changes every time I talk to you.” She responded, “It does, because emotions are really high, Andy, and I've never been through a divorce, I've never had a separation, I've never had a child with anyone. So, all of these things are new for me. And with Marc, I think, he's still in love. I still have love for Marc. We are just in a very difficult place, and no one really wants to pull the trigger."

The long-time Housewife is still married... for now. Never expect to see Marc on RHOA again — I think he meant it with that whole “they’re never going to see me again” thing — but do expect to hear his name if Kenya returns for the show’s 14th season.

Image: Bravo

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