All The 'Pieces of Her' Book To Show Changes You Need To Know About

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All The 'Pieces of Her' Book To Show Changes You Need To Know About

Before Pieces of Her was a miniseries starring the acting legend that is Toni Collette, it was a 2018 book by Karin Slaughter. The thriller was a hit among critics and fan alike thanks to its twist-filled story, as well as the fascinating relationship between mother-daughter duo Laura and Andy. The Netflix series is mostly faithful to Slaughter's original tale, but Pieces of Her the miniseries does include some key changes from the book.

The biggest change comes near the end of series when — spoiler alert — Andy's biological father Nick faces off with her mom in the cabin where she was raised for the first three years of her life. That big showdown still happens in the book, but it's a totally different character who goes toe-to-toe with Laura. (Another key difference, once Laura's real identity is revealed on the show, she starts going by her old name, Jane, again, whereas the book keeps calling her Laura for simplicity's sake, I suspect.)

Ready to find out what other changes Netflix made to Slaughter's thriller hit? Read on for the biggest differences between Pieces of Her the book and the show.

The Pieces Of Her Miniseries Made Some Interesting Changes From The Book

On the whole, book fans are sure to be happy with Netflix's adaptation of Slaughter's novel. Sometimes books have their plots turned upside down in the move from page to screen, but both versions of Pieces of Her hit most of the same beats. But if you do pick up the book after watching the miniseries, here are some differences to look out for:

  • The inciting incident still takes place at a restaurant, but in the book, the restaurant is in a mall. I can only imagine the swap to a more traditional diner setting was made due to the fact that most malls are barren wastelands these days.
  • Andy is turning 31 in the book, not 30.
  • Also, Laura wants her daughter to drive to Idaho after Andy hits her attacker, not Maine.
  • While the show version of Laura is largely heralded as a hero by the public, the police and the media speculate that she murdered the shooter after disarming him in the book.
  • The book version of Andrew doesn't get shot while running away from the police with Nick and Laura. Instead, he's dying of AIDS, and Laura/Jane finds the courage to leave Nick when he refuses to let her go see her brother.
  • Laura is sexually abused by her father in the novel, a disturbing subplot that was cut from the show.
  • The woman who kills Martin in the book is named Laura, and Jane takes on that name when she enters witness protection as a way to honor the person who put an end to Martin hurting her.
  • Another major change: Nick isn't on the run from the police like he is on the show. Instead, he's in prison.
  • Paula Kunde plays a much bigger role in the book. She's Laura/Jane's biggest rival in the Army of the Changing World, and she shoots and kidnaps Andy in order to force Laura into helping her get Nick released from prison.
  • Laura ends up slitting Paula's throat during their altercation.
  • The book ends with Laura getting Nick to confess that he sent Paula to strongarm Laura into facilitating his release from prison.

Overall, most of the changes are small, but at least the book offers up some clarity about why the disappearing Paula was so important — which is one major plot thread left dangling in Season 1.

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