Who Will Die In 'Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone'? These Outlander Characters May Be In Danger

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Who Will Die In 'Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone'? These Outlander Characters May Be In Danger

A new Outlander book after seven years is a cause for celebration. But readers should be a bit trepidatious when Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone comes out on Nov. 23. Because for all of the elation, it's quite likely that a beloved Outlander character is going to die in the ninth book. Considering the high-risk lives the Frasers lead, the American Revolution still going on, and all of the other characters who have lost their lives in previous installments, a character's death feels something of an inevitability. But the question remains: Who will die in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone? And how devastating will this loss be to Claire, Jamie, and the readers?

Diana Gabaldon has already confirmed that Jamie's not going anywhere. And though she wouldn't answer definitively that Claire will also make it out of Bees alive, the author did tell me, "The story could continue without her but probably better if it doesn't." So, she's safe.

But that still leaves the entire extended Fraser family tree, not to mention the many others who cross Jamie and Claire's paths. One chapter is called "Grim Reaper," so you can't even pretend that death won't come a-knocking. Let's examine the possibilities of these other major characters meeting their maker in Bees.

Lord John Grey

A fan theory is that Jamie's friend and Claire's third husband, Lord John Grey, won't survive the book. As he's on the side of the British in the American Revolution, he's certainly at risk. And there's Richardson who poses a direct threat to his family. Plus, if William, Jamie, Claire, or Brianna were in danger, you know that Lord John would do almost anything to save them... including risk his own life.

But, as Express documented, a fan (whose account has since been deleted) had asked Gabaldon on Twitter in 2020 if there'd be more Lord John Grey books. The author replied, "Oh, yes." That doesn't confirm that Lord John will definitely live since any additional spinoff books could be prequels that take place before the events of Bees. But knowing that Gabaldon isn't done with his story does make it more likely that he'll survive. Phew.


Another fan theory floating around is that William could die. With Jamie and his secret son finally having some semblance of bonding toward the end of Written in My Own Heart's Blood, that would be extremely heartbreaking if William died so prematurely. And a Daily Line confirmed William will be spending time with his sister Bree, so it would be a major loss for the family.

William takes after his biological father not just in looks but in that he's often in peril — and Bees will be no exception. But maybe like Jamie, he also has nine lives. Since William just became a major character in An Echo in the Bone, Gabaldon might not be done with him yet. But William dying in Bees would certainly rock the story.


A lot of bad things happen to old Roger. And Daily Lines confirm he will be getting close to battle during the American Revolution when he delivers a letter to a Continental army camp on behalf of Jamie. Since Brianna and Roger spent nearly the entirety of MOBY apart, it would be particularly cruel for him to die so soon after reuniting with his wife and children. But hey, it was particularly cruel that he got hung thanks to his great-great-great-great-great-grandfather and lost his singing voice. So it's a possible if terrible-to-think-of scenario.

Jemmy Or Mandy

Gabaldon recently told The New York Times that she avoids books where "terrible things happen to children." So perhaps she wouldn't have anything too cruel happen with Jemmy and Mandy. But let's not forget that Henri-Christian had a terrible fate in MOBY when he died trying to escape the fire at the family's print shop. Could Jamie and Claire lose another one of their grandchildren in Bees? With Bees taking place so soon after Henri-Christian's death, Jem and Mandy should hopefully be safe for now. Plus, with their supernatural sensing abilities, they should be able to help one another out of dangerous situations.


I'm in denial that Bree could die. But in the released first chapter, Claire says that her heart is filled with "sheer terror" upon seeing Bree, Roger, Jemmy, and Mandy back in the past. Is that just a normal parent feeling upon seeing your family back in a dangerous place and time? Or is that a premonition? Considering that's how the first chapter ended, take that as a warning that something awful may happen to the MacKenzies.


In Echo, Brianna didn't tell Buck that the MacKenzie family tree has his age of death at 38... the age he was when he showed up in the future. Does that mean he'll die in Bees? Well, perhaps, Morag just assumed Buck died when he disappeared and he could have lived past 38. Still, there are factors that make it seem that Buck is not long for this world. If he tries to return to his own time, it's very likely that with his bad heart, the trip would kill him. A Daily Line has Roger mentioning Buck giving him a gem for time travel, so Buck's most likely staying in 1739. But that also could be dangerous since he may be sleeping with his mom Geillis (?!?)... who has a habit of killing the men (and boys) she's sexual with. Though if she doesn't kill him and Dr. McEwan doesn't get too jealous, maybe Dr. McEwan will heal his heart and he'll go on living in the 1740s for a bit.


Jenny has settled on the Ridge with Jamie and Claire, but Jamie's older sister is getting up there in years. (So are Jamie and Claire, but they seem to be quite genetically gifted... and yes, I realize Jamie and Jenny have the same genes.) Ian died in Echo, so would it be too soon to have Jenny pass in Bees? Well, life doesn't have a playbook, so that might not matter. And if Jenny did die, at least she'd have spent some more time with her youngest son and his wife and child.

Denzell Hunter

A character who isn't major major but would still hurt to lose is Denzell Hunter. The Quaker has been putting himself in perilous situations as he feels compelled to serve as an army surgeon. Lord John reunited the pregnant Dottie with her husband in New York at the end of MOBY and the couple is still together based on this Daily Line. So will Denzell deliver his child with Dottie? Or is there a chance that something bad will befall him as he's now a Continental army captain?


There's some intrigue going on with Fergus's parentage and Percy Wainwright hanging around. With that still up in the air — plus the fact that Marsali was pregnant and they had just lost a child — I'm simply not accepting that Fergus could die in Bees. Same for Marsali.

Hal Grey

Along the lines of Denzell, a character that would be sad to lose but wouldn't irrevocably change the nature of the story is Hal. Not to target the men in Dottie's life, but Hal has health issues with his asthma and Richardson is trying to get him to switch allegiances... by any means necessary. Could Hal die before ever confirming that his son Ben is still alive? I'm hurt just thinking about that scenario.

Aunt Jocasta

A reasonable guess of who could die is Aunt Jocasta. She was last seen leaving for Canada in A Breath of Snow and Ashes. In a 2020 interview, Gabaldon told The Fayetteville Observer that Jocasta and Duncan are on Prince Edward Island "at the moment" in the books. That's where Hamish MacKenzie and the other Castle Leoch inhabitants ended up. So perhaps Jamie's cousin Hamish will write him to let him know that their aunt has passed.

Young Ian

Perhaps I am being naive, but I feel like Ian — and his new wife and child — will survive. Ian's lost a lot already and so he should be able to bask in his newfound domestic bliss just a bit longer. Though, he'll certainly encounter more danger if he continues to scout for the Continental army.

The title of the book implies somebody major has to be going. But whether that be a temporary leave or a more permanent one shall be revealed soon. And hey, whoever dies, at least ghosts are real in the Outlander universe.

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