This Is What 'Outlander' Fans Want To Say To Claire

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This Is What 'Outlander' Fans Want To Say To Claire

Last week, we dipped into what you'd say to Outlander's Jamie Fraser if you ever met him, so this week, we turned our eyes to Claire Fraser. If you ever ran into Claire, what would you say to her?

We asked thousands of Outlander fans on Facebook for their answers, and surprisingly, not one of you has the same burning Q for Claire that I do, which is: "What the heck does it actually smell like in late 1700s Scotland? And how did you deal with that?" Apparently, I'm the only one overly obsessed with the absolute, unapologetic assault on the nose that time-travel must deliver.

So anyway! Many of you really want Claire to teach you about herbs (great response) and some of you would go as far as to ask to be her apprentice. There are plenty of you who want to know where Jamie is, or what kind of kisser Jamie is; and several of you wanted her advice on how to find a Jamie of your own.

As expected, some of you aren't necessarily fans of ole Sassenach (her inability to stay put is a really thorn in the side for some of you) but for every Claire hater, there's a Claire admirer.

Out of the close to 300 answers as to what you'd say if you ever met Lady Broch Tuarach, here are some of the best.

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You See Yourself In Her

Grace M. wrote: "Adopt me.”

Amanda Carlson wrote: "Other than my aversion to blood, we are so similar in temperament (for good and bad), but I would ask for her honest analysis of her relationship with Frank. It's so complicated that with each watch, I glean a different perspective: sometimes I feel sorry for her, others I hate her, sometimes I resent Frank, others I'm cheering him on. 🤷 "

Mary Libby wrote: "You are like me. People either love me or dislike me. I'm glad you are as outspoken as I am. You go girl!"

You Want What She Has (Which Is Jamie. You Want Jamie.)

Aleece Roach wrote: “I’m just sayin’ if you really loved me you would share him” 😂 (Aleece, you get bonus points for this excellent Hamilton reference.)

Elnara Verdel wrote: "How big is Jamie's personality?" (Lots of people replied to this comment on Facebook with the LOL emoji, naturally.)

Angie Freeland wrote: "Wanna trade?!"

Sarah Dean wrote: "Go back through the stones, I'll make sure Jamie is OK 😂 "

You Need Answers

MLA wrote: "How do you cope without central heating and plumbing?" (An excellent question, and one I've wondered about myself, in addition to the stench.)

Clelie Bourne wrote: "To Book Claire — you have done an amazing job figuring out your place in the 18th century facing how many trials and tribulations. To show Claire — if all you were going to do was complain about everything in the 18th century, why didn't you just stay in the 20th?'

Laurel J. wrote: "Book Claire: You are awesome, Jamie is the best, but don't you miss indoor plumbing? Show Claire, aka Cait, I didn't appreciate the horny granny comments."

Shauna Johnson wrote: "Why didn’t you come up with a plan to pass notes to yourself in the future with Jamie if things didn’t go as planned? 😂 Why didn’t you bring more money or more medical supplies with you when you went back 20 yrs later? IDK, I always have more questions when I’m reading the books."

Ms. Johnson later clarified: "I was talking about when she left Jamie the first time. There probably wasn’t time but I’m like... tell him to put a note under a rock at least 😂 if he lived. She could of went back sooner if she knew he was alive. It’s a book sooo 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 "

You Wouldn't Let Her Off The Hook

Dee T. wrote: "I'd tell her to stop and think before she speaks, don't be so impulsive and accept that sometimes others know better than she does."

But You're Grateful For Her Service

Julie Lundy wrote: "Thank you for fighting for women, for science, for healthcare, for the underdog, for humankind but most of all for love!"


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